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Va Travel Pay delays Form: What You Should Know

Veterans and their beneficiaries can get pay back for expenses  including travel (VA health care visit, VA treatment, or other travel), lodging, food, supplies, and incidentals. Travel reimbursement does not cover lodging for an overnight stay. Payment is only paid for travel expenses for an authorized visit to a physician's office, mental health facility, or other approved health care location, or for treatment, evaluation, or referral to any other type of health care facility. Payment cannot be made with travel reimbursement for hospital stays or medical care taken outside the state. Travel reimbursement does provide reimbursement for meals while in VA medical facilities, but not other travel expenses such as air, lodging, car rental, or other costs. VA travel payment benefits may not be used until an evaluation has been concluded on a claim, and the travel expense has been determined to be medically necessary. In no event is payment made for an incidentally-necessary service not covered by this section or Chapter 36 of Title 38, United States Code or Chapter 45 of Title 58, United States Code. If a traveling Veterans' condition warrants, the evaluation must be completed by a physician on an inpatient basis or in the immediate vicinity of the travel location. For example, a veteran who has undergone surgery in Phoenix, Arizona  and arrives in San Francisco, California may still be eligible for travel reimbursement under section 10 of Public Law 114-92, signed into law by the President on July 17, 2016. In addition, if travel expenses are covered by the Department of Defense Travel Charge Card or VIA Travel Reimbursement Card and the Veteran is entitled to travel reimbursement under his or her military compensation, military retiree or individual disabled veteran benefits, the following rules apply: (1) The amount of travel must be at least a portion of the expense of attending a Pre-approved health care examination, health care treatment, or care (such as chiropractic care under the Medicare benefit or inpatient or outpatient surgery services or the same care provided by a medical facility at Veterans Administration medical facilities).

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