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Va Travel Pay problems Form: What You Should Know

VA travel pay reimbursement is based on the time and date your visit to a beneficiary-approved location took place and is processed in the order you submit your claim. You will be paid a travel claim no different from what a non-VA health professional would receive. When filling out a VA Travel Reimbursement claim, please complete the applicable VA travel form  (10-3542). Please be sure to also provide the correct address and telephone number of the location of your travel. The address field is also used to notify Veterans that the VA will not provide reimbursement if the travel is to an address that they do not live at. The address field is only required if a location is a location contrary to the address listed on a travel form that you submit. Please refer to a location located at the bottom of the front page for an example address. Travel claims must be received within  10 business days of your travel. All Travel claims are processed on the first business day of the third month following the month and year of service that you complete your claim. You must have completed your claims within 10 business days after the completion of your travel. (The travel claim is only processed if payment is received within 10 business  days after you complete the trip.) When requesting a travel claim, it is important to be prepared and communicate clearly with us. When you are  pursuing your own claim, make note of the dates and dates that you traveled, so we can complete your process. Please complete the application for the transportation and medical claims  (BT SSS Form 1040-10) in the following format: Please Note: Your travel claim, will be reviewed by the Beneficiary Travel Self Service System (BT SSS). If your travel claim is approved, we will reimburse you in one (1)-month increments. Travel claim requests will be approved without a fee for the following conditions: Military duty to/from a Beneficiary-approved area Travel for self or other family member to/from a Beneficiary-approved or  non-VA authorized health care institution Travel to/from a Beneficiary-approved or non-VA authorized area (Travel from the same designated non-VA facility is not eligible for travel claims) If your claim is not approved, the payment may be delayed for up to 30 days after receiving the request.

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Instructions and Help about Va Travel Pay problems

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